Electric scooters are one of the better ways to travel around your hometown, with them being green and affordable. With a lot of options on your hand, you can find yourself with a headache trying to figure out which choices are the better ones compared to the others. This is precisely why we made the electric scooters comparisons section of our site.

Another big issue regarding electric scooters is that they were first intended to be for kids and not adults. But when electric scooters came out, they started targeting adults. Since most factories hadn't made electric scooters for adults at that point, they didn't know the right sizes and made them too small. However, the models we have listed below don't have that problem. We split them into categories for kids and adults.

After reading all about electric scooters pros and cons, you probably want to know the best electric scooters at the best price, right? So to make it easier, and remove the burden of you doing all the research yourself, give our comparisons tables and products a chance!

So, for you to make the best choice, have a look at our latest comparisons for the best electric scooters on the market: