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Best Electric Scooters 2020 – Complete Review with Comparison

Written by Alfred S. Brown
Electric scooters are now remarkably well known in the past few years for children, teenagers, teens, and adults equally.  These vehicles have a battery and motor system made for speed and space.  They’re not only for pleasure,ut excellent for commuters searching to get a green transport option. But finding the best electric scooters on the market can be hard.

Electric scooters are an effortless method to commute to your office if you reside in a busy city or some sprawling suburb.  They don’t really need a lning curve to utilize, and you also don’t require a permit to induce you.  But we suggest loads of exercise with considerable protection until you hit on the trail one.

There are numerous kinds of electric scooters, even from entry level to just roam across the suburbs, to commuter sooters can assist you quicker to work faster than walking.

Inside this informative article we have a detailed breakdown the best electric scooters, for example, very best scooter for kids or beginners; best inexpensive electric scooter; most useful lavish convertible scooter; and most useful electric scooters for cruising.  To close the guide, we will discuss all the buying considerations you should keep in your mind when shopping.  The engine, structure, rate, scope, and weight are critical aspects to consider therefore you can acquire the ideal E Scooter to suit the requirements.

Top 5 Electric Scooters – Comparison Table

ModelAdjustableRangeEditors Rating 
Glion Dolly Foldable E-ScooterYes18 miles4.9 Check Price
Turboant X-7Yes16 miles4.7 Check Price
XIAOMI MIJIA M365 PROYes16 miles4.5 Check Price
SEGWAY-NINEBOT ES4Yes18 miles4.4 Check Price
UNAGI MODEL ONE E450Yes15 miles4.3 Check Price


Best Electric Scooters 2019 Reviews

1. Glion Dolly Foldable E-Scooter Review

Undoubtedly the Glion Dolly foldable electric scooter is one of the best electric scooters on the market as of today. It is exceptional in all departments including range, rate, price, and other features and makes a perfect scooter for both cruising and fun rides.

It is certainly one of the finest for all commuter rides  although it costs somewhat more than that of the many entry-level scooters around, it is really a trusted buy.  In addition, it can also fold up, includes a bright headlight and tail reflector, also you’re pack inside a rolling bag whenever you are not riding it.

The Glion comes with a 250-watt brushless hub engine that is free of gears and chains, therefore it’s unbelievably silent.  The lithium-ion battery is currently 3.6 volt, that takes approximately 3.5 hours to charge fully.

This motor-battery system provides the electric scooter with a high rate of 15 miles, and with a selection of up to 15 miles.  This makes it ideal for commuting.  It’s energy efficient, also, and certainly will travel 500 kilometers on $ inch of power.

Considering that its quite inexpensive price, the Glion is created extremely well.  Its framework is aircraft-grade, powder-coated aluminum, and as the tires possess a honeycomb inner made by the military.  Those tires measure inches and so are air less and rubberized, and therefore that you never need to be concerned about them moving apartment.

Into brake the scooter employs an untreatable digital brake found within the back hub engine.  The unique structure features with this cushioned electric scooter, nevertheless, would be the wheels and retractable handle.  Meaning when you are not riding, you’re able to pull on the 28-pound scooter round such as a rolling bag.

Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Energy Efficient charging
  • Excellent speed
  • Affordable price
  • Tubeless tires

2. Turboant X7 Review

The Turboant X-7 is a recent but welcome addition to this electric scooter marketplace.  With remarkable stats and design features in a very low price, this scooter takes the grand prize.  If you should be available on the sector to get a commuter’s scooter that provides exceptional bang for your buck, the Turboant X-7 is a perfect option.

A-Mazing Specs

Though it’s light weight, it features a high rate of 20 mph as a result of exceptionally efficient front-wheel 350-watt motor.  The 36V 6.4 Ah battery ensures a variety of around 16 miles on a single fee in the event you ride it precisely.  Unlike some competitions, the battery is detachable, which tends to make it super adaptive when charging.  You might even obtain an excess battery if you’ll need more range in 1 go.

Geared using 8.5-inch tubeless tires among the maximum standard, the Turboant X-7 specially excels in urban places but slopes and rough terrain might be readily be defeated also.

The developed quality is superb.  The framework is produced of compact high quality aluminum alloy to make sure a sleek style, a potent exterior, and a lightweight scooter.  Even the Turboant X-7 can keep around 275 pounds while still maintaining an appropriate riding adventure.

The X-7 includes three distinct gears that provide you flexibility after riding.  It’s just about the same task as “riding manners” found in different scooters.  To begin with, there is the slope-climbing gear, well suited for climbing mountains.  This restricts your rate into 7.5 MPH.  Then there is the medium-speed gear putting the Max rate to 17.5 MPH.  This is only a tad bit more battery-friendly compared to speediest gear.  If you want to go extremely fast, then you can jump into the high-tech equipment, permitting one to ride in 20 mph.  This was tremendously enjoyable to use .  It felt incredibly eloquent considering we analyzed it on suspicious road circumstances.

Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Highly rated by customers
  • Fantastic value for the Money
  • 3 Distinct gears
  • No pneumatic tires


Though Xiaomi may be better recognized for its cheap smart-phones, the M365 Pro demonstrates the provider is just as proficient at creating smart electric scooters. That is maybe the most common scooter you’ll discover round the roads, since it’s well-priced and a wonderful allrounder.

You have got a high rate of 15 mph, that will be quite standard for electric scooters, a selection of 27 kilometers and a burden of 14.2pounds. It’s really a well-made item of kit. When compared with the preceding edition, it sports a greater range, improved brakes, even wider deck to get convenient riding, and a much-improved display unit, which means that you may realize your rate along with other vital stats.

In addition to the hardware that is impressive, the most Xiaomi M365 Guru Electric Scooter additionally offers the ideal program connectivity we’ve seen, enabling one to track your travels, your rate, and just how much of this battery remains. Even the M365 smart scooter program additionally brings advanced level battery conservation features, which means that you might possibly ably out an excess mile or 2 if you should be smart about the best way to employ this, and also the F1-like setup usually means that the battery charges since you brake.

Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Highly advanced design
  • Foldable design
  • Excellent battery saving features
  • Not a very attractive design


Coming from your renowned electric freedom brand Segway, the Segway-Ninebot ES4 is just one of the very accomplished entrances with this list. The ES4 improves on lots of the provider’s previous models by increasing the engine to 800W, and this also can help it reach an extremely acceptable 18.6 miles (certainly one of their fastest with this list) and also a gigantic variety of 27.9 mph, this usually means you mustn’t want to reach to your charger too usually.

Acute about shooting in an electric scooter for a way of transport? Then you want a badly fashionable electric scooter just like the Unagi Model One. Sure, it isn’t going to put some rate or scope recordings, but its own magnificent, slick framework looks the part.

The Unagi Model One consists of super-strong and super lightweight substances which are additionally utilized within SpaceX projects, which makes this e-scooter light weight and mobile.

Its power arises from the double motors, which means that you will be able to handle hills and catchy terrain without difficulty. That you never receive any extra high rate, but a high speed of 15 miles along with a selection of 1-5 miles are quite moderate.

Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Trusted and popular brand
  • Speedy
  • 3-ways to stop the scooter
  • Not much


Thinking about choosing an electric scooter as your mode of transport to office? Then you cannot ignore the Unagi model one electric scooter.

Sure, it isn’t super-speedy, but its looks great with slick framework and looks the part.

The Unagi Model One consists of super-strong materials which are additionally utilized within SpaceX projects, which makes this e-scooter light weight and mobile.

Its power arises from the double motors, which means that you will be able to handle hills and catchy terrain without difficulty. That you never receive any extra high rate, but a high speed of 15 miles along with a selection of 1-5 miles are quite moderate.

Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Feature packed
  • Comfortable design
  • Speedy
  • Lightweight design
  • Short range

6. Swagger 5 Elite Review

Our next searching for its greatest electric scooter would be your Swagger 5 e-lite out of Swagtron. It boasts amazing rate and rate manners, solid structure, an program, and quite a reasonable price. If the 2 electric scooters we spoke about above are outside of your budget, consider that the Swagger 5 e-lite instead.

Motor, rate, and variety

On one fee, you are able to rise to 11 miles, that really is really a small short. Swagtron notes that range was tested using a 165-pound rider travel on horizontal sidewalk, no end, in 60% maximum rates. Your pounds and rate affect the assortment of the scooter. You’re able to pick from three speed-modes — 18mph could be your fastest. For moving up mountains, the Swagger 5 e-lite are designed for 10-degree slopes.

Produced from aluminum, this scooter comes into a size that is suitable to save in an automobile back or alternative little space for storing. The wheels are 8.5-inches, using an air less rear tire at a honeycomb style. That design assists the scooter travel more irregular terrain. On the handlebar, you’ll come across an LED display which enables you to understand your rate, battery lifetime, of course, when your LED head light is off or on. The Swagger blue tooth program is well worth mentioning. It works for both iOS and Android. Make use of the program to organize your own path with GPS and switch riding manners, select rate, etc.

Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Top speed – 18mph
  • Dedicated App (both iOS and Android)
  • Heavy
  • Not an excellent range


7. Gotrax GXL V2 Commuter Scooter Review

Consider the Gotrax GXL v-2 Commuter, that have a good selection, fantastic rate, and strong structure. It isn’t exactly the most effective version available on the current market, but in case you really do not wish to spend more than 400, this can be a standard electric urban scooter.

The GXL scooter comes with a 250-watt engine and 36-volt battery charger. There are just two gears; the first makes you 10 miles, whilst the 2nd one rates up you to 15.5 mph.

For scope, you purchase between 912 miles, helping to make it a fantastic selection for quick commutes. We couldn’t locate a mountain tier, but reports state it could possibly get fully up small mountains well as well as manage irregular terrain.

Using its reinforced framework, this electric scooter may carry up passengers to 220 lbs. Itself it weighs 27 lbs., though other regions say that it weighs 31 lbs., that will be quite heavy. The wheels are 8.5-inches and air filled. To realize your battery degrees and rate, have a look at the LED monitor, that will be assembled into the stem of this scooter.

For safety, there exists a front head light. For braking, both wheels possess a metallic disk that reacts to this brake lever straight away. The trunk brake is obviously controlled together with your foot, whilst the leading is a normal hand-brake.

Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price
  • Excellent braking features
  • Heavy design

8. Megawheels S5 Lightweight Scooter Review

Still another funding electric scooter, the more Megawheels S 5 provides some fantastic specs for children and teens interested in looking for a newcomer scooter. It is rather light weight with adequate rate, fantastic battery, and structure.

It’s lacking some features, many might believe”basic,” nevertheless, which explains the reason why that is best for children than adults needing more.

The Megawheels S 5 features a 250-watt engine, that will be pretty standard for its e-scooters within this particular list, with a lithium-core battery using six”smart” protections. We did not find any such thing regarding UL certificate, but which may be a issue.

The motor-battery system equals 1-1 mph in scope, according to factors such as terrain and rider weight, and rates upto 14 mph. That is very decent for a inexpensive scooter. For mountains, it might take care of a 20-degree angle. Charging takes a few hours.

The Megawheels S 5 is chiefly made from aluminum. The scooter ultimately ends up weighing only 18 lbs., that will be excessively light. This means it is a fantastic selection for children.

Folding the scooter can take only 1 minute, and it reportedly may be hauled rather than transported once it’s folded. The principal difficulty on this scooter could be the shortage of a LED display. You cannot watch your rate, battery life range, or other things. There’s a battery index using a few of those foot pads, but this is not the very suitable site.

Check Price

Pros & Cons

  • Inexpensive
  • Pretty rapid speed
  • Very Light Weight
  • Perhaps not the Ideal range

Things to consider while buying the best electric scooter

Electric scooters are among those very few products on the market which are fantastic for both kids and adults.  If you would like an enjoyable way traveling fast and learn more about the surface, or perhaps a convenient method to commute to work, there exists a motorized scooter available for you personally.

How can you discover the most effective electric scooter?  While looking for the best e-scooter, what are the buying considerations that you want to remember?  Within this part, we will discuss various things that you need to consider while buying an electric scooter.

Motor & Power

Looking at the battery and motor can aid you in finding the very best electric scooter for you personally.  Both these facets directly impact range and speed, which we’ll discuss at the upcoming section.  Motors vary somewhat within their own power; they truly are measured in watts.

You never need one-under 250 watts if you are a grownup and need to make use of your scooter each day.  If you anticipate slopes or anything aside from flat terrain, then you would like 350-500 volt, however you’ll most likely need to kick somewhat to keep out it.  Unsurprisingly, that is absolutely alright using a power kick scooter.  In case you crave greater energy, then there are scooters around using stronger motors.  You’ll only be paying more.

Let us speak about motors only a tiny bit longer.  You’ll frequently notice motors designated as belt or chain.  A electrical belt scooter is much simpler compared to the string, and also like a car belt, so it ought to be replaced .  Chain systems tend to be somewhat more reliable.  Other engine terms you may possibly see electrical scooters (and E bikes ) include heartbeat, back hub front pulse, along with brushless.

Hub motors have been observed at the heart of a wheel — rear or front.  A back hub engine pushes the rideable forwards, as front pulse pulls it.  The previous word, “brushless,” means that the engine produces more heat, no rust, and supplies a general improved performance than brushing.


The battery in a power scooter is crucial — it forces the engine vehicle.  There are 3 sorts of batteries, electric scooters may utilize: nickel-metal hydride battery, sealed lead acid battery, and a lithium ion battery charger.  Sealed lead-acid batteries that can be normal for automobiles, will be the earliest type of scooter battery.  They’re big and heavy, nevertheless, therefore they truly are falling out of style.  Lithium ion, the newest kid in the city, packs a great deal of power in a little package.  They continue a lot more than right-handed batteries, too, also weigh significantly less than NiMH.  You’ll find them at a great deal of scooters.

Electric batteries are measured in wattage.  The greater the voltage, the more the greater current can leak.  Current is quantified in hindsight or Amp hours.  It measures just how much current may stream until the battery releases.

When a battery features a 6Ah, so it produces a 6-amp drains and current empty within one hour.  Many scooter battery issues occur because folks are not care for their battery.

Speed and Range

The stronger the battery and engine of a scooter, the greater rate and range you will receive.  Electric scooters may go extremely fast, with all the speediest ones reaching 40 miles or longer.  1-5 miles is common.  If you are a commuter, rate might not be super essential.

You can find laws in most areas that state that you cannot move faster than 15mph.  Assess your city before obtaining a scooter; you might well not require paying for the huge bucks to get a motorized scooter which extends 40 miles off.  If you’d like a scooter for diversion, yet, rate might become your priority.  Bear in mind that 1-5 miles feels extremely fast, so do take benefit of riding manners in your own scooter before attempting to hit at the Max speed.

for scope, it will be able to assist you to determine the very best electric scooters for cruising.  Some scooters may just move 8 miles or so until the battery expires, while some can travel 30 40 miles per hour  Speed, bicycle weight, weather, and terrain directly impact vary.  Most businesses violate their scope, though, in fine print, so you’ll frequently notice them stating they have their range using certain riders weight and also forth certain terrain.

In case your complete daily commute is 10 miles, then a scooter which elevates a 12-mile range probably won’t be adequate.  You’re still able to ride a scooter once its own battery empties, you simply kick it just like a standard scooter, however it’ll soon be a far quieter ride.  This may be fine if you are only riding for pleasure, but in case you have somewhere to be, then make sure you have yourself a scooter having a long-enough variety.


The structure of an electrical scooter needs to be considered if you are shopping.  When it is not excellent quality, then the scooter won’t survive long or even be handle daily usage for quite a while.  Scooters are produced with materials such as timber, aluminum, plastic, and steel.  You’ll notice words such as aircraft-grade, military-grade, etc. forth chucked round, plus so they may provide you an insight to just how hardy the scooter will be.

One other design or structure feature to check in could be your deck.  The deck is the place where you plant your own feet.  Many cyclists discover their deck is overly narrow, therefore they don’t really feel particularly comfortable or hardy.  Generally, the wider, more the better.  Decks tend to be made from timber.

Moving up the scooter, then check to determine whether it’s a screen where you can access details such as battery amount speed, rate, and riding style.  Many scooters have a certain price could have you, however it’s fundamentally an assurance.  If you genuinely want to get that information at your fingertips, specially the battery amount, make certain the scooter comes with a display.

Tires would be the previous parcel of structure we’ll chat about.  They’re clearly quite essential to scooter design and general quality.  Scooters could have among 2 tire types: Alloy or air less.  Pneumatic tires, so that they have been full of atmosphere, have shock-absorption and much better handling.  But they do require greater care as they are able to secure low on atmosphere.

Constantly check the suggested tire pressure until filling up them.  Pneumatic tires may additionally become punctured.  Airless tires, even on the flip side, do not find punctured and do not need any maintenance.  They’re normally seen in strollers that are cheaper, though, since they don’t really offer you different benefits.  For those who own a pick between pneumatic and air less on scooters using similar rates, opt for wheels.

Braking System

Do not neglect to have a look at the braking system onto a scooter you are contemplating.  You may possibly become distracted by looking for the very best rate or scope, however, braking is at least as essential.  You will find two sorts of systems: group and disc drive.

Band brakes regularly lock the brakes, in the place of slowing , and this is dangerous if you should be going in a quick speed.  Additionally, it is hard on wheels.  All kinds of ring brakes have this drawback, especially front ring brakes as they can lock the front tire.  You’ll examine the handlebars if you’re not prepared.

The very finest electric scooter will almost certainly have a more disk-brake system, or v-brakes, on either the rear or front.  You can have them together with a single brake, but those do not stop too fast.

With two wheels offers you far more control.  You on average brake on front wheel by means of a controller on the handlebar and measure a small mat onto the trunk once again to block the back wheel.

Weight and Weight Limits

The weight of the electric scooter is also an important factor to consider while buying an electric scooter. The reason ii matters because, it is not like your normal motorbike, you can carry this wherever you want. If it comes with a foldable design, you can carry with you in the back of your car.

Lightweight foldable bikes are perfect for workers. They overlap up to a decent estimate and can be conveyed unto open vehicle or put into a vehicle trunk.

When all is said in done, the more dominant the engine and battery, the heavier the bike, so remember that on the off chance that you need an elite battery bike. Weight changes; you’ll discover bikes around 20 pounds or somewhere in the vicinity, as far as possible as much as 60 pounds.

Electric bikes can deal with a scope of rider loads, contingent upon what their identity is intended for. A maximum of 220 pounds is on the lighter side, however genuinely normal.

The more uncompromising bikes can deal with 300+ pounds, with the superior ones ready to hold 500+. The heavier you are, the more vitality the bike employments. A heavyweight can decrease the bike’s top speed and range, so remember that when making a choice.

Other Features

What else would it be a good idea for you to see when looking for the best electric bike?

Portability & Folding

Bike organizations pride themselves on the effortlessness and proficiency of their tech, so you’ll see them promote how rapidly the bike folds up.  There is not much difference when it comes to folding a scooter in 3 seconds or 1 second. But you can see these companies highlighting those as a big selling point. But what you really need to consider is whether the e-scooter is foldable and can be easily carried along.


The following component you should search for is if the bike has suspension or not. This fundamentally smooths out the ride. In the event that you have airless tires, you will truly need suspension. It very well may be joined to the front or back wheels, or both. Consider where you’ll be riding the bike all the time, or If you envision consistently riding the bike on uneven territory. We suggest continually getting a bike with suspension.

LED and LCD Lights

If you need to ride your bike in low light, lighting is significant. Lights let you be seen and let you see. Most bikes will have a fog light and a light at the back. Check on the off chance that they’re LED or LCD. Splendor will matter if you plan on riding after dark. In the electric bike survey’s, we’ve seen, not a ton of bikes have great back lights, so on the off chance that you realize you’re going to ride in obscurity, we prescribe getting a protective cap light.

Bluetooth and App

The last element to consider is a Bluetooth application. Numerous bikes have applications you can download on your cell phone, and it fundamentally fills in as a controller. You can see your speed, set your riding mode, and even guide your course with GPS, contingent upon how best in class the application is. Getting associated with the application is a typical issue, so read the surveys before picking some bike, since one has an application.

Final Thoughts

Electric bikes take the traditional kick bike and add a bit more enjoyment and fun fitting it with an engine. As of now, electric bikes can travel quick speeds and long separations, with highlights like Bluetooth applications, headlights, strong development, and the sky is the limit from there.

We accept the overall best electric bike right presently is the Glion Dolly Foldable electric bike, which consolidates a top notch work with a strong engine, great range, reasonable cost, and novel “moving bag” collapsing. The next in line is the TurboAnt X-7 bike, which has comparative highlights, range, and speed, yet at a somewhat greater expense.

When looking for the best electric bike, regardless of what your needs are, there are purchasing contemplations to remember. We investigated them altogether, beginning with the engine and battery framework. Electric bikes have a wide scope of speed and extend, and those are both dictated by the engine and battery.

You ought to likewise think about the development and structure of your bike, focusing on the manufacture materials and tires. Remember to take a gander at braking, while you’re grinding away since an awful stopping mechanism can be both irritating and perilous.

The weight and weight points of confinement of a bike are likewise significant and can decide how compact the bike is, and what you ought to anticipate from the bike dependent on the amount you gauge. In conclusion, consider different highlights like how the bike folds on the off chance that it has suspension, the lighting and if it has an application or not. Since you’ve perused the guide and have a smart thought of what’s out there, you can locate the best e bike for you.

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