Buying your kid a scooter can be frustrating and a pain in the head if you don't know what to buy for or which one is the best. So to make it easier, our team of product/toy testing that has been testing products for more than five years has tested them and given us lists and guidelines on which ones to purchase with these scooter guides.

Our kid's scooters buyers guides are aimed to walk you through every step that is important to you as a parent. With these easy steps, you can make sure that your kids ride them on the asphalt roads safely with no chance of severe injuries.

Many factors make a good scooter. For example, build quality, wheels, weight capacity, deck, safety, and cost. Plus, not every scooter is for every age. So we put it all in one post to make it easy for you to choose. One example is our guide for the best scooter kids.

These factors are explained more in-depth and detail in our carefully written buying guides by leading experts in the field.

So, without losing any more time, below you will find some of our latest buying guides for scooters: