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Kick Scooters for Kids Buyers Guide


Kids are getting more addicted to electronic gadgets like mobiles, TVs, and computers, and parents are finding it quite hard to get there kids out of this zone. This is significantly decreasing the physical activities of children. As a result of fewer physical activities, children are suffering from fitness issues like obesity. Lack of exercise in children also leads to weakness and spoil their physical and mental health. So it becomes the primary duty of every parent to ensure that their kid gets enough physical activities. But, the question is how to bring these kids outdoor? The answer is quite simple. You can automatically bring your kids outside when you provide them activities that are more interesting than what they are engaged with inside. Take your kids out of the home and let them participate in outdoor games and activities. Providing them with bicycles and kick scooters is one best option. Riding a bike or kick scooter is fun and adventurous. This helps your kids to stay fit and active.

When you think of getting a kid’s scooter for your kid, many questions may arise in your mind. Starting from which kick scooter to buy or from where to buy, you may have lots of doubts in your mind. Here we try to answer some of such common questions, and this may surely help you in choosing the right kick scooter for your kid.

Why get a kick scooter for my kid? 

The best answer to this question should be to engage your kids in physical activities and maintain their mental and physical health. Buying a kick scooter will help your child have fun outdoors. They will learn to balance; improve their motor skills and physical confidence level. This will eliminate the consequences of lack of exercise and keep your children active throughout. Learning to balance a kick scooter will be the first step in learning to ride a bicycle.

When to buy a kick scooter for my child? 

Most of the parents find it difficult to decide whether if their child is ready to ride a kick scooter or not. Generally, any kid who is above 1 or 1.5 years can be provided a kick scooter. Still, you should be knowledgeable about what kind of kick scooter is to be supplied at what age. For kids below 3 years of age, kick scooters with a seat are a perfect choice. You can remove this seat once your kid learns to balance the scooter well. For kids in the age group of 3 to 5 years, kick scooters with three wheels are safe and comfortable. You can choose to go for a kick scooter with two wheels only if your child is above 5 years and very confident of balancing it. Stunt scooters, electric scooters, and off-road scooters are suitable for experts only. So never choose such models for your kids at the beginning stage.

Which type of kick scooter to buy?

For beginners, kick scooters with three wheels are most suitable. This gives a better balance, and it will be easy to learn. Some kick scooters have large wheels while some have got small wheels. An average wheel diameter will be between 100 and 110 millimeters. This is suitable for all kinds of users. While for special requirements like faster and smoother cruising experience, wheels with large diameters are preferred. These wheels will act as better shock absorbers and give smoother rides even on roads with bumps and cracks. However, if your kid is an expert at handling a kick scooter and wants to perform stunts and tricks on it, then you can go for or one with small diameter wheels. Most of the stunt scooters are light weighted but have a solid body. The strength actually helps them to withstand the force created during jumps and stunts. So while you are going for a stunt scooter, it is crucial to ensure the right quality to avoid possible accidents.
The height of the handlebar should always be following the height of your kid. If the handlebar is too low, then your kid may have to bend too much and may not be able to have a comfortable ride. If the handlebar is too high, then it may become tough to balance the scooter, especially at high speeds. Go for fixed handle scooters if you are looking for lightweight kick scooters. Kick scooters with adjustable handles have the advantage of matching every height. Still, they are a little heavy when compared to scooters with fixed handles. But however, a kick scooter with height adjustment can be used for several years because you can adjust the handle height according to the growth of your kid.

How to determine the quality?

Whenever you are buying a kick scooter for your kid, always go for standard models. A quality product can cause trouble with the safety of your child. To know the standard and quality of the scooter and material used, you should refer to the grading provided by the manufacturer. You can also look at the ratings provided by users to get a clear picture of its performance. Wheels made of polyurethane or urethane is much stronger and comfortable when compared to wheels made of PVC or plastic. When it comes to bearings, you should check for ABEC ratings. The ABEC ratings for provided between 1 and 5. The higher the rating better, the quality of the bearing will be.
The size of a kick scooter: When it comes to the question of the size of a kick scooter, it solely depends on your child’s age, physic, and strength. In the market, you can see kick scooters of different sizes. Kick scooters are available in small, medium, large, and very large sizes. A small kick scooter name measure somewhere in between 100 to 125mm, while a medium kick scooter may be of 145mm or 180mm. A large kick scooter will be 200mm or 205mm, and a kick scooter is considered to be very large if it is 230mm. So with this chart in your, you should choose the perfect kick scooter for your kid. Do think about all the points mentioned above carefully to get the right kick scooter for your kid.

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