Safety is a considerable problem with kids and their scooters from the day they first start learning, and even when they are excellent riders. As a parent, you always want to make sure their scooter is maintained and secure. That's why we have made these articles, to check safety and make scooter repairs.

Safety comes first! Let children start with a helmet to ensure safety. Since children are of mixed-abilities, some kids must wear elbow and knee pads along with a helmet.

Also, children are not supposed to ride on a public road as it could be dangerous for them.

But getting a helmet, knee and elbow pads is not enough to be safe. You also need to check the state of your scooters. If everything is working the way it's supposed too. That's why we have created the repairs section of our website so you can know what to look for and fix them yourself with just some simple tools and a step by step guide. Most of them are easy to follow, and you can do it yourself with really cheap parts and means you can find in any household.

So, for you and other safety, have a look at our latest repair guides that we have posted in our site: