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Scooty For Kids Tips and Tricks To Keep In Mind

Choosing the right scooter for your kid can be challenging. The reason is, you can easily understand your requirements and it is easy to choose the one for you. But when it comes to kids, it is not easy. The scooter you choose should be suitable for their age. Along with that, it should be comfortable for them to ride. 

There are many things that you need to consider when you decide to buy a kick scooter for your kid. The number of wheels, design of the scooter and the age it is designed for are major things that you need to consider. Scooters also come with 2 wheels and there are three-wheeled as well. Some scooters are meant for making stunts and tricks. But others are durable and designed for normal shooting. 

Best Scooty for Kids Tips and Tricks

Purpose of buying kick scooters

There are many reasons to buy kick scooters. In the majority of the cases, parents decide to buy these scooters on kid’s demand. Other than that, here are some reasons because of which parents decide to buy scooters. 

  • Scooter riding helps in building physical confidence in your kid
  • Along with that, some parents pick scooters because they think it will help in improving the kid’s motor skill development
  • More than anything, through riding scooter kid’s outdoor activity increases
  • Riding scooter can be the best exercise for children
  • When the kid rides scooter this can be the first step towards riding the bicycle

These are some of the common reasons because of which parents decide to buy scooters for their children. 

Buying scooters- important decisions to make

Here are certain things you need to consider before buying the scooter. 

  • Think and decide that is your child is ready for riding a scooter?
  • Should I consider buying a three-wheeled or two-wheeled scooter?
  • You should also consider the size of the wheel. Ask yourself questions like should I consider large wheels? Small wheels?
  • Should I consider purchasing a kick scooter or pro scooter?

Along with all these, there is much other consideration to make. Like the physical size of the kid. The scooter you will be choosing should be suitable or the child’s size. More than that, you should also consider the motor skill of the child. Based on child’s physical ability you should pick the right scooter for him. If the child is really small and just needs the scooter for fun, then there is no need to pick some model that is meant for tricks and stunts. In all the cases, when you are buying the scooter for the first time, it is better to consider the kick scooters. 

Consider a child’s readiness

Each child is different and their motor skills as well. At every age, their motor skills will be different and when they grow they will improve their motor skills. It is not difficult to decide that the kid is ready to ride the scooter or not? If your child is standing and walking independently then understand that he is ready for scooting as well. 

The child that is 2-3 years old, can consider riding the scooter. It is recommended that a child can start trying any physical activity at this age if he is comfortable with it. Either it is riding a scooter or any other activity, if you think he can do it, then just leave them to try the same. 

Even if the child is reached 7 years and not ready to ride the scooter, then there can be many reasons for this. One thing is, the child may not be interested. Other is he may be lagging when it comes to enough motor skills required at this age. It all depends on the exposure or child’s interest. Even though the kid is physically ready, he may not want to try it out. That should be fine. 

Deciding among 3-wheeler and 2-wheeler

Along with deciding on physical ability, you should also consider the design of the scooter. The main feature that differentiates between the scooters is the number of wheels. There are 3-wheeled scooters and 2-wheeled scooters. Many wheels present cans which matters when it comes to the safety of the child. 

In case if three-wheeled scooters, two wheels will be at front and one at the back. This is the most common type among three-wheeled scooters. This is the best choice for younger children and it helps them in easy balancing. When the kid goes forward, the three-wheeled scooter offers self-balance. Turning is also easy with this type of scooter. 

The other type in the three-wheeled scooter is two wheels at front and one at back with steering similar to that of a bicycle. This is very similar to tricycle but only difference is front-to-back. 

2-wheeled scooter

If you pick a 2-wheeled scooter for your kid then make sure that your kid has enough balance to ride the same. Compared to handling three-wheeled scooters this is a bit difficult for the child. For remaining in balance, these two-wheeled scooters must ride at a certain speed. This type needs balancing and if the kid is not yet ready, then it should learn the balancing for riding this type of scooter. 

Two important things should be considered here. One is the minimum speeds that need to be maintained for gaining the minimum balance. The other is continues steering. The kid should be clear on how he can maintain continuous and active steer. Through this, the child can easily maintain control. 


Overall all you need to know is, before picking a scooter for your kid there are a lot of things to consider. If it is just for fun, you better go with the standard kick scooter, there is nothing to think about it before buying since it safe for kid and he will easily ride it. Always pick three-wheeled scooters if you have a younger kid. 

Once you think that your kid is serious about the scooting and he learned to balance, then you can think further and go for pro versions. If he has a group of scooters and he wants to try all kinds of stunts and tricks then take some time and buy the pro scooters.

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